Pawnacea All-Natural Dry Shampoo by Matenara


Keep your pet feeling and smelling fresh in between baths.

  • Made with bentonite clay that draws out toxins and helps heal dermatitis, and arrowroot powder that prevents chafing and absorbs moisture without drying out their skin
  • Safe for dogs, cats and bunnies
  • Doesn’t contain talc, fillers or extenders, or preservatives
  • Lightly sprinkle on your pet’s fur starting from the neck then working down to the tail. Focus on areas that need refreshing the most. Brush off any excess to prevent caking on their skin.
  • Avoid their face, eyes, and nose.
  • Use to refresh your pet one to two times a week or as needed, especially during summer. It can also be used to refresh your pet’s beddings and play area. Make sure to sweep away any excess.
  • Net weight: 80g

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